Regional Plan

South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009–2031.

As Australia’s fastest-growing state, Queensland needs a contemporary system of planning that is responsive to change and continues to deliver the lifestyle for which we are famous. The South East Queensland Regional Plan is the Queensland Government’s long- term plan that will shape South East Queensland (SEQ) over the next 20 years and protect our wonderful way of life.

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It’s a plan for smart growth, to manage our expanding population and tackle the issues of today like housing affordability, congestion, and climate change. To manage growth, the regional plan promotes compact settlement by consolidating growth in existing areas which are close to public transport, to encourage reduced car use and help fight congestion.

The SEQ Regional Plan ensures there is adequate land available for new homes, businesses, and infrastructure to 2031 while safeguarding more than 85 percent of the region from inappropriate urban development.
The existing Urban Footprint remains mostly unchanged, providing a clear boundary to stop urban sprawl and protect our natural environment, whilst providing enough land for anticipated population growth.
The SEQ Regional Plan is the major planning document for SEQ and part of the Queensland Government’s move towards planning for a better future for all Queenslanders. The SEQ Regional Plan contributes to the Queensland Government’s Toward Q2: Tomorrow’s Queensland 2020 vision by protecting greenspace and supporting a sustainable environment.

Importantly, the SEQ Regional Plan is supported by the Queensland Government’s regularly updated South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan and Program which lays the foundation for infrastructure that
anticipates growth and accommodates the needs of the region.
The development of the regional plan has been supported by the Council of Mayors (SEQ) which is working closely with the Queensland Government to deliver and implement the policies and programs set out in the plan.
We would like to acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first peoples of the land and recognize and acknowledge the traditional owners and elders of the region. The SEQ Regional Plan will contribute to advancing reconciliation through the engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in planning processes and includes policies and programs that work towards closing the gap
at a disadvantage to help meet their needs.
The government is now getting on with the job of implementing the SEQ Regional Plan.
We are delivering on the commitments made in the plan, including important new initiatives to manage climate change, deliver residential land supply, preserve green space, and develop essential infrastructure.

South East Queensland

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